About Grant Day Software Limited

A Bit of History

During the 80's motor dealer Neil Day purchased an Apple Computer and quickly became enthralled in writing software for his own business use.
Seeing an opportunity and deficiencies with existing dealer software being offered, VSP was launched on to the local market.
Realizing that IBM compatible PC's were going to dominate the market, VSP was rewritten. Within two years VSP became the most widely used dealer software in New Zealand, with over 600 packages sold. 

VSP was replaced by 'Dealer' and the program is still NZ's longest serving and most preferred motor dealer management software with over 2000 customers purchasing the product. Over the years significant enhancements were made with input from the motor industry together with customer feedback. 

Dealer Goes Enterprise - The Enterprise version was released with WAN (Wide Area Network) capability built-in. This meant that offices and branches could be connected by an ‘on-line’ computer network connected to a central database via broadband Internet, giving real-time information. Connecting laptops from home, overseas or holiday destinations to the work database in real-time has been an option for Dealers in New Zealand since 2008.

The company has changed hands over the years and in September 2012 moved from Palmerston North to Whangarei. The current business owners have 60+ years experience in providing business IT solutions and customer support internationally to small business and larger multinational companies. We continue to support and enhance Full Suite of Dealer Management System Products:

  • AutoBook
  • AutoStock
  • AutoWork
  • Dealer-Lite
  • Dealer-Pro
  • Dealer-Enterprise
  • DealerWeb
  • ImportCalc  
  • PowerVault
  • QuickState
  • VersaCred

We would like to thank all our loyal customers and we look forward to bringing you more value added products soon!