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AutoBook is a Point of Cash program: More than just a cashbook, AutoBook will quickly and easily write your cheques, issue receipts, do banking and record all your financial transactions.
You will feel better knowing that you are totally in control of your financial situation and able to meet your commitments.
AutoBook is a money manager and cashbook, all in one.



AutoBook Features:

  1. Multi company or bank accounts
  2. Prints standard bank cheques
  3. Prints remittance slips 
  4. Prints standard bank cheques
  5. Prints receipts
  6. Prepares daily bankings
  7. Provides for GST automatically
  8. Non GST amounts catered for
  9. Super fast searches
  10. Automatic bank payment set-up
  11. Postdated cheque facility
  12. Updates current balance automatically
  13. Handles income and expense accounts
  14. Easy reconciliation with bank statements
  15. Instant current balance available
  16. Unlimited accounts available
  17. Pop-up accounts names
  18. Can store "years" of information
  19. On-screen help and manual
  20. Built-in calculator
  21. Automatic back-up system
  22. Straightforward reports for any period
  23. Cash Flow report
  24. GST report report
  25. Bank Statement report
  26. Accounts reports
  27. Payments report
  28. Unpresented payments report
  29. Receipts report
  30. Unpresented receipts report
  31. Asset Manager included

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