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Point Of Sale (P.O.S) / Inventory Management Software.


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AutoStock is a Point of Sale (POS.) inventory management software for Parts Departments.
POS means that at the time of sale the system creates a invoice, updates stock and records the sale without further updating.
AutoStock keeps you in complete control of your stock at all times so you know what's in stock, what's been sold to who and when, and the total amount held.
With the built in minimum re-order levels stocks can be replaced at more frequent intervals capital can be freed up and used in other areas of your business.

AutoStock Features:

  1. Unlimited stock items
  2. Up to 20 digit item codes/part numbers
  3. Barcode scanning capability
  4. Multiple superseded item/part number facility
  5. Flexible invoice forms , user choice
  6. Links to Quick State debtors program
  7. Cash Draw facility
  8. Handles GST inclusive or exclusive retail prices
  9. Cash Sales facility
  10. Returns/credits with optional handling fees
  11. Sale price adjustment at time of sale
  12. Discount by % or $
  13. Quick find customer
  14. Displays location and back-orders
  15. Displays cost code
  16. Creates stock items at point of sale
  17. Credit control
  18. Built-in calculator
  19. Automatic back-up data system
  20. Optional daily reporting
  21. Stock list reports
  22. Stock level reporting
  23. Re-order reports
  24. Sales report for any period
  25. Sales history per stock item
  26. Customer lists

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