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Workshop Management Software.


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AutoWork comes as a complete Workshop Management Package designed for small and large workshops.
Based on the design of Grant Day's Dealer Software Package, (which has become New Zealand’s most preferred Dealer Management Software) AutoWork has been designed to be very user friendly and designed for your technicians to use.
With increased pressures on today's businesses it is vital that an efficient management system is utilised.
Being a point of sale application, AutoWork can provide the discipline and the instant access to information together with fast invoice production that is necessary in a competitive market.

AutoWork Features:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Minimal typing
  3. Full on screen Job Card
  4. Prints job card
  5. Automatically calculates labour charges
  6. Job details library
  7. Stock parts facility
  8. On screen time card
  9. Booking diary
  10. Customer Database
  11. Handles fleet vehicles
  12. Full vehicle service history
  13. Instant invoice lookup
  14. Prints/Faxes/Emails orders
  15. Orders recorded against job
  16. Built-in Word-processor
  17. Produces marketing letters
  18. Prints automatic reminder letters
  19. Cash sales monitored
  20. Links to debtors program
  21. Integrates to other programs
  22. Can print to invoice of your choice
  23. Service staff database
  24. Automatic backup system
  25. Instant data searches
  26. Full sales reporting
  27. Labour analysis reporting
  28. Stock on hand reporting

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